INTMT undec 2-bay Alt Std hopper kits

Andy Carlson

March 21 2014

Has been a wait, but the Intermountain #42199 2-bay AAR alternate standard open hopper undecorated kits have arrived. MSRP $25.

The kit's trucks are the familiar Accurail "Bettendorf" with spring planks. There are a lot of parts for this kit, plus it has many optional parts included, such as at least 3 end/heap shield variations. Reminds me of the complexity of P2K's covered hopper kits, but I believe this kit has much more parts. I am impressed that this level of execution would even be attempted. I tip my hat to Intermountain.

I am selling for $20/each, plus $3 shipping/car. If more than 2 cars, ask for shipping quote.
I accept checks and money orders.
If interested, please contact me off-list at for details.

Thanks,-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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