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Paul Hillman

Thanks Tim,  Looks like the NMRA RP25 flange is the main factor. I have standard "normal" HO track & switches built to NMRA standards. Sounds like Code 88 with RP25 flanges is the best way to go???
Paul Hillman

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Paul, you've got that right -- scale width is .063 and is almost guaranteed to
misbehave on switch frogs. NWSL sells what they call Proto:HO which has .063 treads
but "RP25" flanges and back-to-back distance. They also have Proto:87 wheels with
.063 treads but true-scale flanges, and those will definitely not run through
normal HO switches. NWSL used to make wheels with .072 treads and "RP25" flanges.
I had those on a car that ran on a club layout for years, and it never derailed
even once!

Tim O'Connor

>Thanks Richard & others, Checked out NWSL and they seem to have the entire answer, and a small "book" on this wheel subject. Looks like the first thing to do, to replace your existing .110 wheels to something with a more narrow tread, is to measure the axle length and axle end-type.
>I have read before that tread-width (like true prototype width) less than .088, won't run well on "standard type" HO track flange-spacings at frogs, etc.
>Paul Hilman

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