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I wrote an article on tweezers for Model Railroad Hobbyist a year or so ago...this is the main part:


My tweezers were made by Vigor of Switzerland. Vigor has now merged with Peer and their tweezers are sold under the Peer-Vigor name. Similar tweezers are marketed by Dumont. Mine are stainless steel, which is more expensive than the carbon steel ones but stainless steel won’t rust. Carbon steel tweezers are less expensive than stainless steel but harder which makes the tips more durable. But carbon steel tweezers are more likely to break if stressed, are easily magnetized, and can rust when exposed to plain water or even high humidity conditions. Plus, they require proper cleaning, oiling and storage.


I purchased my tweezers from Otto Frei, a jewelers supply outlet in Oakland, CA which now has an extensive online store. This following link will lead to a set of Dumont No. 3 stainless steel tweezers:



The number 3 tweezers are near the bottom of the page. These tweezers cost about $25 a pair which probably seems high for such a small tool. That is twice as much as the “tweezers sets” available from some hobby vendors. However, I have never found any need for more than my one pair of No. 3 tweezers. Keep in mind that $25 for my pair of tweezers is only $1 per year for the time that I’ve owned them so far. I fully expect to still be using them 10-15 years from now.


I'll send you the photos that were part of that article directly...


Jack Burgess


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I've had it with the collection of "Tool Man" and "Tool Lady" tweezers - I spent a frustrating half hour looking for a part that I managed to flick halfway to the next dimension last night...only to find it on the floor under the modeling desk, pick it up, and flick it off into space again.


Anyone have a recommendation on a pair of modeling tweezers that they absolutlely love? I'm afraid most of mine are going to end up stuck in the wall after being tossed in frustration.



Marty McGuirk


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