Re: Steam freight car modeling tools - a decent pair of tweezers

Anspach Denny <danspachmd@...>

One gets what one pays for.  

For years, I have used good German/Swiss/USA  surgical tweezers that came my way professionally many years ago (the major number from neophyte frustrated surgeons blaming their ham-handedness on perfectly good -and expensive- tools, which they threw across the room, to be never used again legally). I gathered them all up.  As these have worn I have repeatedly dipped my toe in the water of flea market and even Micro Mark cheap hand tools, almost always disappointed in their very low quality. 

 I believe that it was Tony Thompson about 15 years ago that put me on to the extremely fine Swiss Dumont/Vigor tweezers used in the electronics industry,  the very type and line of  tweezers that Jack Burgess refers to. My very, very favorite is the curved-serrated-tip #7B Dumont. It is pricey, but worth every single cent (yes!), and they will last for years and years if you do not drop them on a concrete floor.  I keep two, placing a bit of tubing over the tips when not used. Like Jack Burgess, I also purchase them from on line Otto Frei in Oakland (they also have a lot of other neat stuff that appeals to critical modelers).  Mont Switzer uses the same tweezers. He about went into withdrawal when he recently lost them until I provided him the Otto Frei life line.

These fine tweezers are natural extensions of my fingers.

And for those who are interested….the reprehensible  surgical behavior that I described was frowned upon then, and to day would be rightly subject to termination.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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