Re: Steam freight car modeling tools - a decent pair of tweezers

Marty McGuirk

Thanks to all who offered suggestions - and event those who couldn't help a laugh at my expense (yes, I'm looking at your Dennis....). As I told Jack Burgess last night, even though a good pair of tweezers isn't cheap they're cheaper than the last tool I bought (a milliing machine).

By way of update (again, I'm looking at you Dennis): 

I'm happy to report the space/time continum has caught up with the missing part and it (a Details Associates brake reservoir) was found late last night.....Bad news it was discovered by Beauregard, our male Basset Hound who promptly decided it posed some sort of threat to the planet and had to be destroyed - or at least chewed up and spit out. 

Tweezers - 1, Me - 0

Time to go shopping.

Thanks again,



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