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Does the return of the patterns mean that the X-3 kits are no longer available?
Wayne M. Dzwonchyk

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The Sunshine Type 30 tank car kit consists of an InterMountain 8K tank car shell plus cast resin underframe, detail parts and dome. Prepping the IM tank is a bit daunting - there's the usual work of removing the tank bands, filling all the holes, replacing rivets where the bands crossed the tank top seam, and removing everything from the lower shell except the rivets and center anchor. In addition, you have to enlarge the dome hole out to the outer edge of the dome saddle, then add a new resin saddle and larger dome. I did one and found the work to accommodate the larger dome was the fussiest part of the whole job.  Frank Hodina, who did the patterns for that kit, thought so too. He wanted to build five so he did one tank really well and had duplicates cast. Frank's tank is complete with dome and includes all of the work described above, plus he spotted holes for all the handrail stanchions. The issue which I place before this august body is (and this is not a for sale post), is there any interest in these? I don't know how many Type 30s Martin sold, or how many got put back on the shelf for another day because of the drudge work of prepping the IM tank shell, but these cast tanks eliminate a LOT of the work in getting that kit built. Shrinkage is just under half a percent, 4.570" vs. 4.590" overall length, less than one HO inch from the center to each end, so it fits the kit underframe very nicely. The pattern needs a couple of tweaks before it's ready for prime time, although the additional work needed on the seven I cast (six for Frank and one for me) is pretty minimal. (The IM shell I spent so much time on went in the trash can.)

I don't see any need for this beyond replacing the tank in the Sunshine Type 30 kit. Tangent's beautiful little three dome tank is on a Type 30 underframe. I don't know what their future plans are, but one would hope they'd do other variations of frame length and gallonage.

While on the subject of replacement tanks, the mods required on the IM 8K tank in the Speedwitch NADX tank kit are exactly those Frank did on the pattern for the Sunshine UTLX X-3 8K Long tank car kit. (And the same as those done for the Type 30, less the new dome.) I recently returned all the X-3 tank patterns to Frank, but if there's interest in replacement tanks for the Speedwitch kit that could be pursued too.

Another use for the same modified IM 8K tank is what Frank calls a GATC "Type 22". This is the early 1920s variation with cast bolsters having integral poling pockets. Frank has done patterns for the bolsters, walkway supports and AB reservoir support channels, variations on those in the Sunshine GATC Radial [circumferential] Rivet tank car kit. At present the underframe is a straightforward kitbash from the InterMountain underframe, but it could possibly be done as a complete cast resin underframe too.

Please, restrict on-list discussion to the general subject of upgraded parts for existing resin kits, and reply off-list with specific requests. And if anyone has a better label than "Type 22", for that GATC tank, please put it forward!

Tom Madden

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