Re: Accurail Single Sheathed Box Car - Straight Sill

Dennis Storzek

One of the reasons I've never bothered to make straight sill parts for the Accurail "4000 Series" floor is they are so easy to make from strip styrene.

Prototype straight center sills from the era depicted by the kit were universally 12" channel, with a steel cover plate riveted to their tops. The cover plate and top flanges are already modeled on the floor. Scale 12" channel would be .138" deep, and the easiest way to get there is to combine .125 (1/8") strip (I use .030 thick as it's a good fit in the grooves in the floor) with .015 x .060 strip for the bottom flange. This totals .140 deep, a scale 1/8" off, and works well with the crossbearer cover plates molded on the floor, which end up looking like they pass under the sills, as they should.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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