Re: MRS box car series 8000-8049

Eric Lombard

There is a circumstantial case for these being renumbered from ACL 14100-14199, class O-22 built 1941, and/or 14200-14499, class O-24 built 1941. ACL 14000-14099, class O-19, built 1938 may be included, though it has slightly different dimensions. Perhaps someone knowledgable about the ACL can verify this?
  • The dimensions in the 10-1963 ORER are exactly the same for the MRS and ACL series matching no other car series.
  • Same Superior doors.
  • Same side sheet and side sheet rivet pattern.
  • Same ladders
They differ from the builder photo of #14199 in having a strongly reinforced side sill between the bolsters that looks to me, at least, as a later refurbishment.
Other 50-6 cars with Dreadnaught 4-5 ends with W corner posts and double doors have different interior dimensions, side sheet/rivet patterns, door types, roofs, side sills, etc.

I appreciate these "out of bounds" photos when they turn up because I have found them to occasionally supplement a meager photo record for series built earlier in the century when railfan photographers were not so numerous. Thanks for alerting us to it, Tim.
Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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