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I think I saw an ad for them in the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette. PBL offered three with a very fine edge for close cutting, a medium, and a heavier duty one. Of course, I bought one of each and marked them so that I won't use them for the wrong job. The finest one is used only for cutting sprues (the connection to the part and not the thick portion), and the heavy one for cutting wire less than 0.15" or so. I haven't yet figured out what to use the middle one for.


These are exceptional quality (and no longer available) and the cost was lower than you would normally pay for this quality. The rumor I heard is that a manufacturer offered a bunch of them to PBL (going out of business, too many on hand, ?) so PBL was able to sell them for a deeply discounted price.


Jack Burgess


I also have the PBL close cutting "tweezers" also. In fact I have two versions, one pair having been ground for even closer cutting. I use these ONLY for cutting styrene. I am trying to remember how I got onto to these, probably through one of my West Coast friends. Did Terry Wegman do the grinding on the modified pair?

Bill Welch

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