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Doug Harding wrote:

PBL offered four different versions of their spru cutting tweezers. They were made by Utica in Switzarland. I purchased mine direct from PBL at their booth at a NG Convention after reading about them in a review or a PBL ad in NGSL Gazatte. Since then I have also purchased the cheap Pakistan copy offered by someone (as a backup). The cheap ones do not compare at all, the cutting edges are not as sharp, they do not mate up correctly, the “spring” is not right, and they do not have proper balance and feel when being held in your hand. It is a shame the PBL cutters are no longer available.

        The fine sprue cutters that PBL offered remain available in Europe, and at one point I made an effort through a European contact to see about getting them imported. The purchase would have to be in some quantity to make prices reasonable. But contacting several of the top hobby shops yielded not ONE taker, so the project foundered. I know PBL was happy to have bought a fair lot of these and sold them out, so I'm sure they don't want to go there again. I would certainly buy more, because even though mine are working perfectly, they won't last forever.

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