Re: Fine Wire Screen Material Found in my Kitchen

Scott H. Haycock

I found it in the sewing department. They had a display of rolls of ribbon. The stuff I found was black, and has wire along along the edges to make it stiffer than regular ribbon. If you hold it up to the light it has a transparent quality to it. The weave is very fine and hard to see without magnification. The brand name on the roll is Offray, and it is described as "wired sheer". You can probably find it at any fabric store as well.  

Scott Haycock
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On 3/28/2014 3:56 PM, Scott H. Haycock wrote:
> I found some ribbon at Walmart that was made of a sheer material that
> looks just like miniature screen.

It's would be good to define the material a little better. Going to
Walmart and using that description would probably end up making me want
to strangle someone [grin]!


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