Re: Fine Wire Screen Material Found in my Kitchen

Tim O'Connor

By "400 mesh" does that mean "400 to the inch"?

If so, that sounds pretty fine to me!

Tim O'Connor

At 3/28/2014 07:53 PM Friday, you wrote:

Before all of you go to Walmart and spend your hard earned dollars on coffee filters, be aware that I sent Bill Welch a sample of 400 mesh stainless steel that I prefer for window screening in HO scale. We are all awaiting Bill�s learned evaluation relative to it�s suitability for the SAL car.
My coffee filter is crude by comparison, so I highly recommend that you wait for Bill�s evaluation. I have a lifetime supply of the 400 mesh, and I�m willing to sell it at cost plus a first class stamp. My cost at the time of purchase was 15� per square inch. I don�t yet know how many square inches it takes for the
SAL car, but your total cost is certain to be under $2.00 and probably $1.00 including postage.
Nelson Moyer

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