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Very interesting. Yes, it does look better.

I am still holding out for the Walthers car being completely new tooling over the Varney/Likelike examples (though scaled from the older models). I remember that the dome top on my original Varney car was a separate casting, and IIRC, the ends were too. There was something different about the tank. I think it was a right and a left half factory glued together. The Walthers car uses the separate bottom sheet like Athearn models. Whatever the parentage of the Walthers car, or its predecessors, the tank is still way too big.

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On 3/29/14 1:51 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
Al Brown wrote:

I humbly suggest that this car can be improved, with some work but without undue difficulty. Pending the moderators' approval, I've posted a few photos in an album called "Upgraded Walthers Tank Cars". Both cars date from 1993-94 originally, were upgraded between 2010 and 2013, and have been shown at Cocoa Beach. They're meant to represent prototypes shown in Culotta, FCRM 2 pp 46-49 and 52-55; see what y'all think. Put it this way, I liked the first one (GATX 30903) well enough to do the second (GATX 18130). The underframe shown belongs to GATX 18130.

        Despite the severe criticism of Mr. Hendrickson, I too have tried to improve these cars, mostly from the days when we had few alternatives. It always intrigued me that the Walthers model has almost exactly copied the former Varney/Lifelike tank, but a new underframe. If you think the Walthers underframe sucks, you must never have seen the Varney version. One thing that helps any of these cars immensely is to replace the enormously oversize and clunky manway cover on the dome top. You can use a bolted cover of the more modern type, or the old screw-in type; the Tichy tank car detail set contains both. I showed this replacement in a blog post awhile back, which is at this link:

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