Re: HO Scale Truck Document

Tim O'Connor

Thank you, Tony. I thought such an idea would occur to anyone by now.

Obviously not.

Those Athearn National B-1 trucks were first produced with the release
of their 65'6" AAR gondolas, especially because they wanted to have them
for the Santa Fe version of those cars. And after the cars were released,
they made some number of trucks available for sale. Since they are making
more cars, I thought it likely that means they either have, or are making,
more trucks.

Maybe not.

By the way, that Atlas "National C-1" - in my opinion - is actually a very
poorly executed ASF A-3 sideframe, because of the large shelf underneath the
spring pack. That's why it was "news" to me, because I'd replaced them on my
cars with other, better trucks, and threw the Atlas trucks into a spare
parts bin.

Tim O'Connor

This aspect of Athearn's business is not easy to delve into. They have a parts list on line, but as that very list concedes (in small print, roughly in these words), if you don't find it in the list, contact us directly, as not all parts are shown in the web listing. That's how I found the MDC 100-ton truck was available, by direct email to Athearn. So I would warn against assuming that if you don't find it easily, it must not exist.

Tony ThompsonĀ 

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