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Brian Termunde

My thanks also to Ben, Ed and Tim for this info. I've hesitated purchasing several of these Atlas cars being uncertain if they'd be appropriate to my 1953 era railroad. Now with this spreadsheet, I'll have the correct information! Thanks again!

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Martin Skrzetuszewski�asked:
"I cannot find the answer to this online so far. Is the recent Atlas 40-foot PS1
boxcar with 8@ door correct for Union Pacific?

The Atlas picture shows a build date of 4-37, which is too old for a PS1. It
looks a nice model but is expensive, so I cannot afford to buy, regret and try
to resell it."

The answer is online at
in the PS-1 spreadsheet compiled by Ed Hawkins.

This model is closest to UP 126000-126274.� You're correct that Atlas botched
the built date - it should be 9-57.

Prototype photo:
Model Railroading, July 1988.

Ben Hom

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