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Hello everyone,

Would this 36' car have a cubic capacity of 2448? About what range of years would the metal ends have been installed? Can I assume they were built with wood ends?

Thanks for your help.


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From Shawn Beckert:
Speaking of NYC boxcars, what's the story on this relic?

The date of the photo is 1959. Other than paint, the car
is not in bad shape really. Any guess as to its lineage?
One of a large number of NYC 36' double wood sheathed box cars built in
several lots ca. 1910-1912 with fishbelly steel center sills, most later
converted with inverse corrugated steel ends. Owing to the rebuilding and
renumbering, the roster is a rat's nest, though it's mostly decipherable
from the NYC equipment diagrams. I have a couple of fairly good-in service

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Ted Schnepf

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