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Depending on the reefer... according to John Nehrich, the Mather (36-
foot?) reefer has only a few prototypical paint schemes, the Rath
(which I was able to find and purchase after much searching) and the
Mather reporting marks MUNX, which I have not seen. If you can find
those, both were first-run and not produced recently. Nice detail,
but the trucks on the first run had problems and don't roll. Red
Caboose sent me the re-tooled trucks which I put Proto wheels in and
roll fine.
Their other reefers generally have correct schemes, again I had to do
it the hard way with an early PFE single-herald scheme and grabs (not
ladders) no longer in production (also with bad trucks, replaced by
RC). Doesn't Intermountain make a PFE reefer (or New Mexico Rwy
museum??? I've seen the small ad in the back of MR magazine for the
PFE reefer). These did indeed travel the rails, on NKP and ... just
look up the ad in MR, maybe a back issue from last year.
If you want Red Caboose, grab them up. They seem to be phasing out
HO kits in favor of other scales and built-ups. Their kits ARE quite
nice, but some come without weights? I also got an Intermountain
USRA gon (Hocking Valley) that came without a weight. At least I was
told how much weight to add.

--- In STMFC@y..., "Brian J Carlson" <brian@b...> wrote:
What is the prototype for the Red Caboose wood reefer and would
they be found in the east in 1957. If the answer to this post is in
the archives just say so as I haven't searched it much yet.
Brian J Carlson
Cheektowaga NY

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