Red Caboose Reefer

JGG KahnSr

Dear Dean
Not just HO; the O scale kits have been an endangered species from early in the game. Their excellent flatcars and tankcars seem to have been entirely discontinued, at least for the present, very likely because they require a fair amount of experience and expertise to assemble, which caused complaints among the fine-motor-skill and patience-impaired and prevent easy assembly in the PRC. The refrigerator cars were designed for easier assembly, and, at least in O scale, are readily available built-up. If they are phasing out HO (where they have a number of quite nice kits unavailable to us in O scale), I suppose that leaves only N, as one doubts they saw much market in S...
Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

If you want Red Caboose, grab them up. They seem to be phasing out
HO kits in favor of other scales and built-ups. Dean

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