West India Fruit Box cars

John Barry

Have found a couple of interesting  photos in the Vancouver collection
Data from the 53 ORER
101-199, 10 cars, 40 6 IL, 10 IH, 6ft doors
200-349, 150 cars 40 6 IL, 10 6 IH, 8ft doors

Looks to me that the 200 series cars were purchased new as a block in 52.  They look like 12 panel cars with 4-4 ends, but I do not find WIF in either the PS or post war AAR lists.
The 106 a flat end and what looks to me to be square corner posts.  These may have come to WIF second hand as they do not show up in the 45 Oct ORER.  

I am looking for kits to use as a basis, first thought are the Intermountain kits, a 1937 box for the 106 and a 12 panel 40' box for the 321.  Thoughts?

John Barry

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