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Justin May <jmay59@...>

200-349, 150 cars 40 6 IL, 10 6 IH, 8ft doors

I am looking for kits to use as a basis, first thought are the Intermountain kits, a 1937 box for the 106 and a 12 panel 40' box for the 321. Thoughts?
Looks to me that the 200 series cars were purchased new as a block in 52. They look like 12 panel cars with 4-4 ends, but I do not find WIF in either the PS or post war AAR lists.
WIF 200-349 (WIF class XM-2) were constructed by ACF in January 1952 and were later sold to ACL in 1962 becoming the O-27A class of boxcars numbered ACL 24500-24649.

The best available option, though it may take some time to locate, is the former Branchline (now Atlas) 1500 series boxcar (10'6", 8' door opening). The major spotting features of this car include the Dartnaught ends, the IDP roof (though it also appears some of these post war built cars featured a unique ACF roof), and six panel welded construction. Being that Branchline's car is riveted, you will need to remove the riveted panels, sand the surface to remove any raised details, and then scribe or apply Archer raised panel lines to simulate the welded sides. At one point in time, Branchline considered producing the welded 40' variation, but it never came to fruition for reasons unknown to me.

Justin May

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