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T.J. Stratton

Jerry Glow now offers decals for the 200 series cars in all scales.  Does anyone know if the old cars produced in the late 1980's by Front Range would fit the bill as a reasonable start?  They had welded side 6 and 8 ft. door cars available.  I know my "basement" hobby shop must have several of them!

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HPT&D 400-424 built SSC Balt 8-29. General arrangement 54515, should be in PA State Archive collection.

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The cars cars in the 100 series were built by the High Point, Thomasville and Denton RR in North Carolina for furniture loading. They are equipped with early Duryea underframes. The went to WIF in the late 1940's. Sunshine did kits while F&C claims to have released these as well.
The 200 series were built by AC&F and were welded cars with their very odd welded roof that is developmental stages by a purveyor of resin kits. The cars were 10' 6"interior height.
Bill Welch

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