FS New HO Decals from Mount Vernon Shops!

John S. Frantz


After many pokes and prods I've been working on PRR MOW Decals. The following is now for sale:

In HO Scale, PRR MOW Black Lettering in the Early Schemes (1937-1960). Overall the set does 13 cars.This sheet has enough data to do 11 cars and 2 snowplows, Typically there is enough data for 2 cars of each generic type. (Camp Car, Gondola, Flatcar, etc.) This is one of my monster sets with a lot of data on it. More information can be found on the decal set can be found here: http://www.mountvernonshops.com/PMWE.html

In HO Scale, PRR's GP/GPA MOW Ballast and Cinder Hopper Cars. Overall the set does 3 cars. It includes the appropriate number prefixes and allows for creating additional numbers. Modeling options for the GPa are in resin kit form by F&C. The post-1942 lowered side GP class can be made from kitbashing the current F&C kit. More information can be found on the decal set can be found here: http://www.mountvernonshops.com/GPA.html

This is currently available through my website and will be listed on Ebay soon. I list my products on Ebay with a 31 day basis. http://www.ebay.com/sch/mountvernonshops/m.html

Prices are the same whether you email me directly through the MVS website, send me an order or use Ebay. Also shipping is a flat $6.00 whether you order 1 or 10 decal sets. Please contact me off list if interested.
Best Regards,
John Frantz

York, PA
Crossroads of the Conrail, Western Maryland/Chessie, and Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroads.

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