Re: Railroads and the Auto Industry: A Research Question

Larry Smith


I wrote the section on the automobile cars prior to the introduction of the high cube and auto racks and it was edited down from around 60000 words to just over 3500 to fit in the space, so there was a lot left out I can tell you that it wasn't written from the Ford viewpoint, although they did help a lot, namely Jim Kallow from Detroit. Ford's main parts plants were in Michigan and they shipped parts from there to all of their assembly plants in all different parts
of the country. The cars for the railroads that Shawn is asking were mainly in pool service and the way I understood the pools to acr was that a percentage of the total cars in the pool were based on the per centage of milage the parts traveled over that particular railroad. For example if there were 100 cars in the pool and the parts traveled 50% on the SP then the SP would contribute 50% of the cars to the pool. I have diagrams for B&O cars that specifically
state who the cars were assigned to. Chrystler motors wouldn't fit into Ford racks etc.

Hope this explains some of the car situation

Larry Smith

tgregmrtn@... wrote:


My question to you is, what is this information for, modeling? Are you writing and article? What?

The Auto Industry was and has been a very demanding business for the Railroads. Timing is and was everything. Remember the rates during OUR era were fixed, in regulation. Never reading the Walthers book I would imgine that it is not as bias as one might think. The infrastructure of the industry was much the same for all the producers during this period it was just the loading techniques and equipment demands that were different as was the destinations and origins.

Greg Martin

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