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John Trulson <norskeviking@...>

They carried Borax and much later than the twenty mule teams of course, and was Ronald Reagans job as host of the show. And I hate to admit being old enough to watch, but I don't think I missed a show.  John Trulson

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I have an AtlasO ACF 70-ton 2-bay 1958 cu ft covered hopper lettered for Boraxo with reporting marks of GACX 40231 Blt 9-50 New 9-50.

Is anyone familiar with the commodity / commodities shipped in these cars and potential destinations?

I don't recall ever seeing one in service, but I do recall "Twenty Mule Team Borax" being the sponsor of "Death Valley Days" when I was a youngster (and those who also recall know how long that has been).


David Payne

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