Speedwitch speculation

Ted Culotta

A few kind souls alerted me to the fireworks occurring regarding Speedwitch so I felt it prudent to enter the discussion.


First, there are no excuses here. I own whatever situation I create. As some of you may be aware, I am winding down my current employment. While that was supposed to be a gradual tapering of duties, things have been unexpectedly intense of late. That has meant that my best laid plans of starting a gradual transition back to Speedwitch have not been as fluid as anticipated. I reopened the store assuming that I would have more time to handle things. That is not how things have gone.


As things have ebbed somewhat this week, I have been able to get a large number of items shipped (as some of you have no doubt seen.) The GN stock cars have been a major casualty as I completely rewrote the instructions from scratch recently after being wholly unsatisfied with what I had written previously (I do want you to build them after all and the order of construction I had presented did not work well.)


My current work duties are to be completed next Tuesday and I can begin to focus on Speedwitch entirely. I am certain that the level of attentiveness and responsiveness will improve several orders of magnitude.
I also wish to publicly apologize, without calling anyone out in particular, for any actual and perceived sleights of customer service. That is not acceptable nor is it my intention to create a bad experience.
Also, I can be reached directly at speedwitchmedia at gmail dot com and I try to reply to everything although I have been known to miss an email here and there, but the response rate will improve to near 100% as well beginning next week.





Ted Culotta

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