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Chuck Higdon


Thanks for posting the link. It is an interesting quiz.

Take care,

Chuck Higdon

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I found Jim’s folder at .

I tried his quiz, and it is very interesting challenge. For those of us who enjoy car routing (and waybills and all that stuff), it’s good fun.



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Subject: [STMFC] Was Interesting loads now Car movement home

I have placed some documents in a file called: Car movements home.

After Clark Probst posted his observations last week under the Interesting Loads post, it jarred my memory. I was going to run this at the last Cocoa Beach however time got away on me.

For us it is a contest. For someone on the railroad involved in car distribution, it was and is an everyday fact of life. In reading the original article it expanded my understanding of car movements which is why I transcribed most of the article as originally presented.

You can open the three items in the file in any order however there is one page (a word document) with a dilemma of returning loaded cars home.

Read the instructions carefully and fully! Not all the cars will be used.

There are two additional pages that are "the rules", not all of them, however enough to complete the task.

In addition, a 1953 AAR US map listing home regions and home railroads.

In several days to a week, I will post the answers and you can see how well you did.

You do not need to post your answer, just write it down and see how you did once the answers are posted.

I will think about a prize for a perfect score.

If you are an ardent reader and have found this contest, do not post the answer or reference the article, not yet anyway. Please respect the right of others to think about solving it and learn as I did.

Jim Dick – St. Paul, MN

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