Re: sub 40' XM on inside gateway '47

Robert kirkham

Allen – I’d dearly love to see the car numbers of the CP cars in that sample.   As a modeller I had written off the sub 40 footers for all but MOW and other OCS service for my 1946 era, so this comes as cool news.
Rob Kirkham

Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2014 8:56 PM
Subject: [STMFC] sub 40' XM on inside gateway '47

As long as people are talking about '36 XM cars,
south bound the Bieber, CA Oct '47 shows about 2.5% boxcars under '40 (mostly 36, but some
35 and 39 footers) , but less than 1% north bound, go figure.

Some more commons ones were,
8 SOU XM 36 162000-169769, and three others in different series.
4 LN XM 36 10000-11999, and five others in different series.
4 ERIE XM 35 93000-93999,
Also present: CP, RDG, DH, BA, MKT, ATSF, CO, CBQ, PLE

Allen Rueter , Richard's Yard book, Dave's DB

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