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The Reading which was generally a very progressive railroad, still had 968 cars in the 1918-built 4000-4999 series in 1-45. Their classes built before XMp, the first class with steel reinforced ends, were pretty much gone by then despite many being rebuilt with steel ends, but class XMp and XMr were nearly intact. It appears that age and condition were more important factors than length when retiring cars.
Eric N.

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The C&Os 1910-blt 3250 and 3300 series box cars only made it into the late-30s I believe.
That may be true, Al, but most of the 84230-84729,84730-86499 box cars and the 86500-86999 series ventilated box cars, all 36’ wood-bodied cars with steel ends and underframes built in 1923, remained in revenue service through WW II and some lasted into the ‘50s.

Richard Hendrickson

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