Re: Less than 40-foot box car data from 1943 ORER

Richard Hendrickson

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Bill Welch wrote:
"Just a footnote to Eric's very fine post. Note that the L&N was one of the few roads noted w/fifty-foot cars. One hundred of these were single sheathed door and half furniture cars w/SS ends. AFAIK these were the only cars of 50-ft composite construction in the US owned by a RR east of the Mississippi River. A picture is in the Kline-Culotta NMRA book."

Bill, gotta watch those absolutes - they'll get you every time:
PRR 119991, Class X38B, one-of-a-kind SS boxcar built in 1942. Of note, this car originally had a wood roof that was later replaced by a rectangular panel steel roof.  Car appeared through the January 1959 ORER; it was no longer listed as of the January 1960 ORER.

Ben, you’re right, of course, but only one car?  Seems to me that only barely qualifies as an exception.

More to the point, the Akron, Canton & Youngstown acquired a couple of hundred ex-Frisco 50’ single-sheathed ca. 1958, which is late in the time span covered by this list but still barely qualifies as “steam era.”  However, for the late ‘40s-early ‘50s period Bill and I (and many others on this llist) are modeling, his observation is essentially correct to the best of my knowledge.

Richard Hendrickson

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