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Paul Hillman

Thanks Bruce, Sounds like you've got these Pennsy colors down to a deep perfection.
Paul Hillman

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Thanks.  For 1953, the base color could be either the 1940s FCC or 1950s FCC, depending on when the cabin car was repainted completely.  The Walthers base color on this car is pretty close to the 1950's color.  The 1940's color would be more orange.  There are several recipes for these colors on Jerry Britton's site, Keystone Crossings (under Modeling - General). If you can get it, PolyScale Zinc Chromate is a good color to work with.  It will be slightly more red/orange than the Walthers color and will help fade the Walthers color and lettering. I use 50% zinc chromate, 50% special oxide red for my plastic cabins and a mix of 3 to 4 parts Scalecoat Illinois Central Orange to 1 part Oxide Red on my brass cabins for that 1940s color.

Here's hoping Walthers brings the N6B back and uses the center cupola body with the offset cupola roof to fix that annoying window issue.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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