Re: Pennsy N6B Wood Caboose color


But you can't be sure that an artist's rendering is the "real"color.


Quoting Paul Hillman <>:

The cars have a black roof and the repack date is 1953. I model 1950.

I'm curious about the original base-color hue, whether reddish or
brownish. Weathering produces all kinds of different shades of the
original color depending upon the length of time. (As we all know.)
I have a photo of 6 ATSF cabooses in a line and there's 6 different
hues of fading, but they're al based on ATSF's (I believe) "Mineral
Brown" color. (I'd assume.)

The latest issue of "Historic Rail" has a neat painting of the PRR on
the cover, and the caboose, and hoppers, seem to be faded to a
reddish-brown color. It's said to depict the PRR in 1948.

Paul Hillman

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What scheme are the cabin cars and what year do you model? These matter!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL


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Subject: [STMFC] Pennsy N6B Wood Caboose color

What color were the Pennsy N6B Wood Cabooses painted? I have some
Walthers N6B's and need to weather them. They're a redish-dark brown,
maybe Tuscan red? Just want to get a weathered-color more "correct".

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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