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Dennis Williams

Very nice, Tony. I will miss him dearly.


On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 5:02 PM PDT Tony Thompson wrote:

Larry was a great friend whom I had known for more than 35 years. I was asked to contribute to an obituary document, regarding the hobby side of his life. Here is what I contributed.

Larry Kline

Larry was an active model railroader his entire life, and was continuing to work on his home layout. He was an outstanding modeler in O scale, with particular interest in trolley cars. He was a skillful scratchbuilder and had completed a number of ambitious projects, some of which won national contest recognition.
Larry's home layout was set to model the Pittsburgh area, allowing him to include a number of railroads: Western Maryland, Baltimore & Ohio, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh & West Virginia, and Pittsburgh & Lake Erie (P&LE). Larry was especially active in the P&LE Historical Society and had edited its magazine, "The Little Giant," for a number of years. He was also active in the National Model Railroad Association at both the local and national level. He often presented talks on both modeling and prototype railroad topics at local and national meetings, including the Prototype Railroad Modelers (RPM) meets around the country. He was co-chair of the recent series of RPM-East meetings, held in alternate years in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas.
Larry was always generous in sharing information and modeling approaches with others, and wrote numerous articles for hobby publications. He also contributed regularly to several on-line discussion groups. There is no question he will be missed by many.

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