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Douglas Harding

Jim an interesting exercise. As one who responded off line, I see I came close, but did not take into consideration the mileage issue and thus missed a few, or more accurately got some turned around in that I sent a car to the closest city not the farthest city in an acceptable district. And I made some assumptions (my answers are below), the first being that if a car was returned to one of its home districts, it was home. But according to the article that is not necessarily true. IE the article states the CNJ is not home in Philadelphia even though the road is in a home district in district 13 which includes Pennsylvania (ie Philadelphia), New York and New Jersey. How am I supposed to know this from the information your provided?


I also made the assumption that St Louis is located only in District 8 (Missouri). Yet I assumed that roads not found in District 8 (Missouri) but found in District 11 (Illinois) could be sent back to a home district quickly with minimum mileage or with an east bound load in the next train. And that the B&O was one of those roads. The Quiz further challenged me by the fact that it stated the B&O had a yard in St Louis even though the AAR map does not show Missouri being a home district for the B&O. So I was not sure if even the B&O was a home road in St Louis. If we are talking E St Louis that makes sense as E St Louis is in district 11, but the Quiz states St Louis not E St Louis (which in my mind are two distinct locations in two different states and thus two different AAR Districts). I would say the quiz was flawed on this one geographic issue. And this lead me to miss, as the article states, that the SOU and PRR are “home” in district 8 (Missouri) as neither AAR documents list those Roads being in district 8, only in district 11.


My answer sent to Jim off list the other day.

City                        dist         Car                         Home - 8              Ill -11

Pueblo                  3              WP                         RI                            L&N

Billings                  5              UP                          MP                         SOU

Butte                     5              NP                          CB&Q                    PRR

Salt Lake City      3              D&RGW                                               C&O

St Paul                  6              M&STL                                                  B&O

Cincinnati            12           ERIE

Philadelphia       13           CNJ

New York            13           NYC

Albany                  13           NH

Bethlehem         13           RDG

Richmond            16           SAL

Buffalo                 13           D&H


Doug Harding


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