Re: "Indented" Dreadnaught Ends

Tony Thompson

Can anyone direct me to a photo and/or drawings showing an "indented Dreadnaught" end?

Are the corrugations "in" instead of "out"? Or do the corrugations start further from the side?

      David Thompson provided a link to a nice photo. As you can see there, the indented end is just like a regular end, but the edges of the stamping are flush with the outermost part of the end, instead of being aligned with the inner part. Otherwise the main ribs project above the background, so to speak, just like a regular Dreadnaught. The reverse Dreadnaught, on the other hand (often found on gondolas), has the major ribs projecting into the car, so that from outside the car you see the inside of the major ribs.
        I personally think the term "inverted" is not a good idea. It sounds like upside down, not like either regular or indented or reversed. I would urge it not to be used.

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