Re: One more whack on the dead horse!


Hi gentlemen, my intention was not to rehash the earlier discussion, but to state that it did provide me with something that seems to work. Chuck and Doug, your insights are true and I do have a lot of environmental problems on my layout. Garage attic, high heat and humidity in Summer, windows open and fan going to reduce heatstroke, lotsa air pollution in Ohio valley, intestate .5 miles away, and I do admit I have overused some cleaning agents in the past. Of course, reverse in winter, windows closed, space heater to reduce frostbite, etc. Pierre, I respectfully submit that if the "black crud" is nickle-silver oxidation and it is conductive, my observations are the opposite. No black crud, locos run fine, lights don't flicker. Lights flicker, locos hesitate, sound decoders skip/reset, black crud is present. One person stated in the last discussion that no one thing works for everyone and that certainly appears to be true. But the present course has given me optimism. Thank you gentlemen for your input, and so as not to incur the moderators wrath, I plan on biting my tongue in the future.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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