Re: Railroads and the Auto Industry: A Research Question.

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Wrong the Van Nuys plant was built to assemble Chevy's and the South Gate
was BOP (Buick, Olds & Pontiac) no Cadillac's were assembled at either
plant. As a City Freight and Passenger Agent I was assigned to the South
Gate plant in the 1960's. About that time all plants were converted over to
assemble cars of certain body sizes, at which time Van Nuys went to the
assembling the Camero-Firebird line and South Gate went to the B body
assembly of Buick, Chevy, Olds and Pontiacs.

All of the Cadillac's that were sold in California were assembled in
Michigan, arriving here in auto cars, then the stack pac's and finally in
the tri or by levels.


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Dave Nelson wrote, in part:

...CA was ranked #2 for receiving auto parts in rail
shipments, NY #4 -- so the data suggests those two
did have some assembly plants ( and from other sources
I know CA did)...
Dave, there were two General Motors plants in Southern
California that I know of: the Van Nuys plant for Chevy's
and Pontiacs, and the South Gate plant for Cadillac's. The
Espee Raymer Yard facility in Van Nuys was basically a
staging yard for shoving cars of parts in for assembly of
Camaros and Firebirds.

Paging through a 1951 ORER the other night, I was made aware
that while auto-parts cars might be listed as equipped for
"transmission" or "axle" or "battery" loading, the ORER did
not specify which *manufacturer* the parts were intended for!
This makes it that much harder to determine which cars on the
roster might have gone where.

I did discover that the New York Central in 1951 had a TON of
gondolas assigned to auto frame service, including drop-bottom
GS cars, which surprised me a bit. Guess I'm in need of quite a
few more photos of NYC gondolas...

Shawn Beckert

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