Re: "Indented" Dreadnaught Ends

A&Y Dave in MD

I don't know, but I would guess they would refer to a drawing, part, or catalog number given them by the salesman. How many of the same type car end would one manufacturer offer at the same time? Reading Karig's coal car book, I get the sense the industry was moving to standard parts to reduce maintenance costs in the first 2-3 decades of the twentieth century.

Think about computers today. They vary, but you order a Dell Lattitude as the model, then you add specs like hard drive size, ram amount, operating system, etc.  All Dell latitudes are not the same, but there is no nomenclature for each constellation of options. You refer to the Dell Lattitude and serial number. 

I could visualize a bluish carbon copy on onion skin letter requesting a quote on "your corrugated car end referred to in your May 8 offer." 

Dave Bott

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The lack of terminology is a problem primarily for modelers, but it also brings up the issue of what railroads would ask for if they needed to replace an obsolete end style due to damage. I suppose they could reference a drawing # if they had one. And on that note, what did Santa Fe ask for when they were buying early-style Dreadnaught ends up to 1940 for their reefer rebuilds?

David Thompson

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