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CJ Riley

Larry was the leader of those extracurricular excursions we (almost) all enjoyed. A night with Bill schaumburg being n exception. Thanks for your memories of Larry. Tony and I are having a hard time dealing with his loss.
CJ Riley
Pot Ludlow WA

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Having occasionally been Larry's roommate at the Naperville RPM meet, I take this a little personally.  I'm sorry I didn't get to see his layout after he moved a decade or so ago; the earlier layout was certainly worth seeing, and the plans for the newer one seemed to be a big improvement.  Lots of other good memories going back to the 80s, including some "extracurricular" night-time outings with Larry and Tony Thompson, among others.
Yes, STMFC hasn't heard from me in along time, but I felt this was worthy of making my contribution.  While I won't be changing my "deep lurker" status here, you can still contact me directly with any questions about NYC, Rutland, or S-scale.
Jeff English
Troy, New York

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