OK, one more whack on the ole Rapido Reefer.


Well listers, I found one of the 1rst batch of reefers in my LHS last week, a nice surprise. After having read all the hoopla when they first arrived, I did think twice before buying. My Dubuque #63029 model demonstrated a lot of the complaints that were voiced earlier. But after reading and re-reading all the conversations by the group, I started to correct them. I quickly noticed that the air reservoir was not glued, but friction fit. The wavy door latch bar was friction fit as well. My wavy ladders were also. The brake mount as well. This model is damn near a kit, but that made it easier to rectify most of the shortcomings. I can see how any handling by the individuals overseas would cause part distortions. Tony Thompson did correctly identify the air reservoir brace problem (thanks Tony), but my reservoir lines were installed over the brake rigging line as well depressing it. Not a problem to address as the whole part easily pops out. Once everything was straightened and ACC'd in correctly, she looks pretty good. Kinda glad they ran outa glue on the production line though.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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