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Garth Groff <sarahsan@...>


Here's what's left after the feeding frenzy:

Sunshine ($45 each)

42.2 B&O M-53 wagon-top boxcar, 13 states decals
30.2 ATSF Ft-I or J 40' flat
41.1 Milw. 1939-40 horizontal rib boxcar, Hiawatha decals
21.9 NKP ARA 1932 boxcar
17.5 SP B-50-14 single-sheathed boxcar w/Hutchins roof and Dreadnaught ends
46.5 PFE R-40-10 reefer, 1950s double heralds
25.58 PFE R-30/40-21 steel end rebuilt reefer

Westerfield $25 each

1201 PRR G22 goldola rblt. G22A/G22B
4553 PRR GRA gon, MW decals
5401 SP S-40-8/9/10 stock car, orig. (have 2)
5403 WP S-40-8 stock car, orig.
2906 P&E USRA steel box
2902 B&A USRA steel box
3001 MC USRA steel auto car
2850 GN 50' single-sheathed box car, undec.
3651 ATSF BX-3 box, modernized

Terms: All untouched, in original boxes. 1st come, first served. Email selections, as there were a lot of requests. Postage and insurance on me. Personal check is fine. My address is Garth G. Groff, Mallard Lodge, 1713 Essex Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901.

Yours Aye,

Garth G. Groff

On 4/20/14 1:27 PM, lajrmdlr@... wrote:

Hi Garth
Yahoo in its very "finite wisdom" cuts off your email addy after the "@" symbol so it's not "clickable" to request your list.  Maybe you could do your addy again using "AT" instead of the symbol. It won't be clickable but at least we'll know what the rest of your addy is. ;)
Andy Jackson
Bellflower CA

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