Re: One more whack on the dead horse!


 Humidity is a major factor in track conductivity.Since the club building experienced a flood (in 2004) we have implemented very strict rules to insure track is kept clean A member train stalled in tunnel and following train ran into it..
   Since then even after thorough drying of room we now must clean all track including the 30 ft of tunnel prior to each op session,open house is sat. therefore track is cleaned friday.All equipment is removed from layout once a month while cleaning track,rolled across alcohol dampened paper towel to check for residue wheels cleaned before placing back on layout.Members equipment must be checked for clean wheels,coupler operation and height by superintendent prior to placing on layout.Aerosol lubricants are not allowed in train room.Since implementing these standards operations have become much better,we have tried using clean brite boys,alcohol,wahl oil,track cleaning cars and tiles,with simular results.Turnout points and frogs are also cleaned with alcohol.

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