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Dave Sarther

At some point I believe Stanray became a subsidiary of PepsiCo and at another time a subsidiary of IC Industries.  For a few Summers I worked for a subsidiary of Stanray (who interestingly enough had also diversified to own a fiberglass boat building company) known as John Gillen Co. in Cicero, IL.  Gillen was a small machine shop that made keying and pinning equipment.  One of our biggest customers at the time was Chrysler who we made seat belt pins for by the hundreds of thousands.  The best part of that job was that the factory was located right along the triple track mainline at the east end of the Cicero hump yard.  My work station had an awesome view.  Never ending action of the hump yard and the daily parade of freight trains, dinkies, the Morning and Afternoon Zephyrs, The California Zephyr, the Empire Builder and the North Coast Limited.  All great memories!
Later,  Dave Sarther

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Bill Welch wrote:

I just tried to Google "standard railway equipment" to see if there was any history or if they are still in business. One Missouri resource mentioned it as inactive. I remember seeing a SRE builder's plate on a jetway which struck me as making perfect sense. Does anyone know when the company went out of business and some of their history?

    Bill in the early 1960s, SRE Co. became a division of Stanray. Stanray diversified into a LOT of different products. and the SRE Division became a small part. Try Googling "Stanray."

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