Caboose Signal Valves

Paul Hillman

In the process of building some caboose models, I've noticed, on the end-platforn railings, there are some small valves with a vertical handle. I thought that I'd read long ago, that there was an air-valve in the caboose for sending signals to the engineer using the train air-line.


I Googled "Caboose Signal Valve" and it came up as a caboose-valve for setting the brakes from the caboose if in the case of an emergency, or for braking the caboose if it's been uncoupled and free-rolling. It said that this valve was inside the caboose and was used by the conductor.


In one caboose photo there are 2 such valves on a pipe "Y" with one air-pipe coming up from the end-beam.


What would have been the "real" purpose of these end-hand-rail valves?


Thanks, Paul Hillman

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