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I too find Larry's List invaluable and am learning a lot from it.  My copy of Dobyne is buried in storage at the moment, but I did get a look at CSRMs copy yesterday.  The numbers of the EH breakout between 10 and 10'6 just don't seem to be there.  The number in the orig column in the List of Freight Cars correlates to the number of cars purchased in 1929 and 1930 as listed in Dobyne, 2000 Bx-11 and 3500 Bx-12.  Larry shows a total of 1976 Bx-11s in 45 in the two number series with 8 of those renumbered.  The Jan 45 ORER shows no renumbers with 84 in Oct 45.  The 53 ORER shows 948 renumbers that agrees exactly with the Live List, but that is to be expected as the 53 column is one of those asterisked as derived from the ORER.  Since the renumbers seemingly did have the  10'6 height and a maximum of 952 show up in the live list, it seems that not all of the 2000 surviving in 41 got the rebuild.  The question becomes which of the ORER entries contained the 10' cars.  If the renumbers, it is likely that all of the original series remaining in 53 retained their original height.  If the original series, that simplifies the 10'6 cars but raises the question of how many unraised 9'6 and how many 10' cars or were all of the Bx-11/12 rebuilt with a roof extension?  If they were all rebuilt, the 1951 live list entry gives us the answer, half and half (994 short/ 952 tall) Bx-11 and few/most (192 short/ 3213 tall) Bx-12.  The 53 ORER, like the 43 and 45 ORERs, lists the height as 9'6.  Do the photos show any original height cars post 45?  And post 53, what #s are the lower 10' rebuilds wearing?  Those answers could wrap up the quandary.
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Rats, there went that idea for simplifying life.  I had hoped to standardize on one configuration.  Looking at the Oct 45 and Jan 53 ORER, it looks like the total of 10'6 rebuilds was on the order of 4200, but I cann't find a figure for the 10' rebuilds.

Larry Occhello’s Freight Cars by Class and Car Number 1906-1991, which I find to be an invaluable reference, shows 2,000 Bx-11s rebuilt with extended roofs in 1941.  Of these, 1017 were renumbered into the 210000-211049 series beginning in 1945,   From this, I infer that the renumbered cars were those with 10’6” IH and the others, which kept their original numbers, were those with 10’ IH.  Of the Bx-12s, Those renumbered 211050-214549 beginning in 1945 eventually totaled 3213 by 1951, when it can be assumed that all of them had been renumbered.  Of course, that total of over 3,000 cars doubtless doesn’t reflect a handful of cars that were probably wrecked and written off between the time they were rebuilt and the time they were renumbered, but it’s close enough to extrapolate the number of cars needed in a model freight car fleet.  FWIW, 493 rebuilt Bx-11s and 897 rebuilt Bx-12s had been renumbered by 1947 and those numbers had increased to 765 and 2320 by 1949, so - depending on the month and year you model - many, or at least some, still had their original numbers.

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