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Is there is an industry name for that style of taper on an offset hopper?  Sunshine Models offered what it called a "chisel side" offset, which is the first I've heard that term.  There were three- and four-pocket versions with this type of construction, the latter coming up from BLI.

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This class of hoppers, 73200-73699, were built by Standard Steel Car Co. in 1931. They never made the Railway Prototype Cyclopedia list of twin offset hoppers, even though plans and photos were published in the June, 1987 Mainline Modeler.
Maybe InterMountain can run them in its twin offset hopper runs.

The Great Northern offset-side hopper cars built in 1931 were in fact mentioned in RP CYC Volume 25, included as part of the "Early History of Offset-Side Designs" section on pages 32-34 of that publication.

The GN cars as well as other nearly identical cars mentioned in the section had an inside length of 34'-9" and were built to a vastly different design than the 33' inside length hopper car offered by InterMountain. The IM model is based on a design developed by the Advisory Mechanical Committee of the Van Sweringen railroads with cars built beginning in 1934.

The 7-part series of articles in RP CYC starting in Volume 1 was about A.A.R. Standard 50-ton hopper cars and various alternate designs, all of which had an inside length of 33'. The list of offset-side hopper cars in the Volume 1 roster and updated rosters in Volume 25 required an inside length of 33' for inclusion.

If InterMountain produces their model painted & lettered for GN or any of the other 34'-9" cars, they would be inaccurate "foobies."
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