Re: erie 82582 Branchline 40' AAR boxcar kit 6' door, delivery scheme

Richard Hendrickson

On May 3, 2014, at 10:54 PM, Robert <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

I am assembling this kit and running into questions not answered in the instructions.  I probably should have tried some of these kits 10 years ago when they were commonly discussed on this list, but . . . this is my first Branchline kit.   So questions:
1) is this a foobie?

No.  Bill Schnieder would be offended at the suggestion.

 2) should the running board be black or silver?

From what’s visible in the builder’s photos, it appears to have been mineral red except at the extreme end, which were black like the car ends.

3) what is proper ladder choice for the car sides – the wider or narrower?

8 rung ladders.

4) there nothing in the kit to create the running board lateral supports – I supply those myself?


I’m sending you off-list 3/4 left and B end builder’s photos.

Richard Hendrickson

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