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Greg Martin

It shouldn't mater which as they all fade a salty dark gray. In my line of work I have seen thousands and only brand new cars have a "new" appearance and it last about that long...
I was just looking at a bulkhead flat today that was carrying a load of structural steel I beams (used to fabricate mobile home frames) and the cross ties between the layers are unseasoned maple and they were nearly back with stain from the steel coming from NUCOR in Berkeley, SC to Salem, OR just nearly a month in transit (yes, if it ain't crude it move like molasses now ). Treated or untreated they go from new to nearly black to a salty gray in no time. Of course the deck and bulkhead was... what else salty dark gray.
Greg Martin   
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I'm about to build a couple of B&M flatcars for a client, Sunshine #45.7.
Can somebody tell me if the deck boards were made from treated lumber or

Pierre Oliver

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