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While there are at least 3 configurations of these underframes over the course of their production span (and thanks to changeovers from KC brakes), here is what I consider to be the most common variation.


The retainer valve pull rod is basically a .010" wire that protrudes from underneath the AB Valve.  It is not centered underneath the AB valve but is on the right side underneath it, perhaps 2 inches from the outside edge. 


The wire rod itself protrudes outward from the AB valve about 6 inches, and then has a ~120 degree bend and extends another 3 inches, providing a lever for the employee to "pull". 


For the "other" side of the car, the valve hangs from a bracket mounted to the underside of the walkway.  See the prototype photo here: (if that link breaks thanks to neo yahoo, go to the "sold out" section of, then GA tank cars, then click on the GATX 1968 car offering).


I hope this helps.

David Lehlbach

Tangent Scale Models

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