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Great Stuff. Since I model Emporia, I should have one of these. Does anyone
make the decals in HO scale?

Steve Sandifer
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In STMFC 123938 Bill Welch wrote: "I am trying to make a decision about how
to decal one of my Southern Car & Foundry's Standard Steel Car model. One
option is a car for the Vendome Tank Car Company based in Oklahoma. I assume
this company served that states oil companies, something I know very little
about. Can someone offer some wisdom in terms of where these cars cars would
have been making deliveries? Thank you."

Bill and any others interested in Vendome,

I have also wondered about the geographic scope and frequency of shipments
of refinery products. It turns out that shipments of refinery products from
Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas were reasonably frequent on a band trending from
these states northeast toward Wisconsin, and in the case of Texas, on a band
extending from Arizona to Georgia. Factors that promoted geographic scope
beyond this band were:

- the nature of the commodity, with other refined products (e.g., kerosene,
naphtha, and aromatics shipped to industrial and transportation-related
facilities) more widely distributed by rail than fuel oil/diesel (to bulk
dealers) which were more widely distributed by rail than gasoline
- the state of origin, with Texas having a broader distribution than
Oklahoma than Kansas
- the era; in the early 1950s the distribution of gasoline and diesel
shipments was wider than in the late 50s, but for other refined products the
situation was reversed.

After looking at the frequency of shipments and the numbers of TMs that were
based in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas it seems to me that (in the absence of
more detailed information on the nature of Vendome's lessee/shipper)
modeling shipments of refinery products to consignees in most parts of the
U.S. would be not be implausible. Shipping refinery products from Kansas,
Oklahoma, and Texas was not just a local business.

Those interested can find the analyses at:



Charles Hostetler
Goshen, Ind.

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