Masking issue with Tru-Color paint - looking for some suggestions.

Charlie Duckworth

Need some help and suggestions..

I have a Sunshine Models Mopac Eagle Merchandise boxcar that I just painted the Eagle gray on.  I then masked the gray with Tamiya masking tape to spray the Eagle Blue.  My stripe on the right side of the door was a little low so I pulled up the tape to reposition it and found the paint lifted off in several areas down to the resin side.   I've sprayed Tru-Color on several freight cars and found the paint to be very easy to use but these were all single color boxcar or stockcars so am at a loss on what to do.  Their web site says "the paint masks easily" on plastic but doesn't mention resin.  

One option is a friend here has a sand blaster to be used on models that I can borrow, am thinking I need to blast off all the old paint and this will give the resin surface some 'tooth' for the Tru-Color to better adhere to.   The other option would be to respray the car with a model primer and then respray the Eagle Gray.  

Anyone have any suggestion as to what might be the best means to tackle this?   


Charlie Duckworth

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